Rickenbacker 360CW Carl Wilson Signature 2001 [Not for sale]

RockWall Collection! Not for sale!

Not for sale!

„Rickenbacker 360 CW Carl Wilson“ in the colour Fireglo year of manufacture 2001 incl. original Rickenbacker case and certificate.

Special feature:
Very few of these Rickebacker 360CW Carl Wilson Signature were built. 309 pieces were built as 6-string guitars and another 189 pieces were built as 12-string guitars.

The 360CW Carl Wilson impresses with special features that were only available in this combination on this model:

– At the request of Carl Wilson, this model was equipped with a thinner top/bottom, as was the case in the 60s. The top has a thickness of 5mm.

– Due to the thinner top, the weight of this guitar is lower than any other Rickenbacker 360 model: this one weighs only 2.83kg. For comparison. An ordinary Rickenbacker 360 weighs around 3.5kg.

– As in the 60s, the guitar was fitted with a checkerboard binding, which is only reserved for the top models from Rickenbacker.

– A beautiful figured maple was used for this guitar.

By the way:
We currently also have a 12-string variant of this guitar on offer.

About the condition of the Rickenbacker:
The instrument is used.

There are only light polishing marks on the entire instrument.

The original TrussRods work perfectly.

All the electronics are untouched and original, just as the guitar has the Rickenbacker factory has left.

The frets are very very lightly played, 9.5 out of 10, where 10 would be new condition.

The original Rickenbacker case is present and shows slight signs of use.

Furthermore, a key is included with the case and also the original Rickenbacker instruction manual and an original Rickenbacker care cloth as well as the original certificate.