About us

RockWall Guitars in Münster has set itself the task of selling exquisite, high-quality guitars and basses.

Specializing in guitars and basses of the brand Rickenbacker (authorized Rickenbacker dealer), we always have instruments from other noble brands on offer. Our motto here is "Quality instead of quantity".

We are based in beautiful Münster in Westphalia. You are welcome to come by to test your dream guitar by appointment. Personal contact and good advice are very important to us.

Andreas/ RockWall Guitars



Interview with Andreas from RockWall Guitars:


How did RockWall Guitars actually come about?
I made music and played guitar at an early age. But in addition to making music, I was also more and more fascinated by the instrument as such. I wanted to learn more about how guitars differ and, above all, how they sound. Yes, and I became more and more of a collector. I have often had unpleasant experiences when buying guitars. So I thought there was a better way. I wanted to offer guitars exactly as I would like to buy them. Not only in the presentation of the guitar, but also in the handling and everything around it. To fulfill this claim, I now run RockWall Guitars.


RockWall Guitars as a dealer on the official German Rickenbacker site.

Why the focus on Rickenbacker?
I bought my first Rickenbacker in the mid/late 90s. That was always a dream of mine at the time, because Per Gessle from Roxette played one of them. At that time, the dollar exchange rate had fallen significantly and I had taken a summer job and then I struck. That was actually my first really really good guitar. It was the Rickenbacker 360 model in the color Jetglo (black). After that, I never really got away from these instruments and started to buy more and more Rickenbacker instruments.
In 2016, the German Rickenbacker distributor was here and was impressed by the abundance of Rickenbacker instruments. Today, RockWall Guitars is one of the few Rickenbacker dealers in Germany.


Now you're not just doing Rickenbacker with RockWall Guitars, are you?
There you are right. It all started with Rickenbacker in Kern, but there are so many other great guitar brands, be it Gibson, Fender, Gretsch or Duesenberg to name just the most famous.

Some Les Paul models from Gibson.

One principle I have is to offer only high-quality guitars that I personally like. But I have to have a certain passion for the respective guitar, otherwise this guitar won't even come into my shop.
I don't buy guitars just to earn money, the things have to be fun and I have to be fully behind it when I offer an instrument.


Do you actually buy used guitars and basses?
Yes, of course. The great things have to come from somewhere. I also take guitars on commission. Commission means I sell guitars and basses on behalf of customers and if the sale takes place, you will receive your money minus the agreed commission for RockWall Guitars. [further information on purchase and commission fees]


How difficult is it for you as a collector to part with guitars?
It's not easy, but at least I have it temporarily (laughs).
Seriously, I'm not rich and my uncle's name isn't Uncle Ben's or anything, and I have to earn some money for a living . And on the other hand, I just can't and don't want to keep every guitar I like, if only for reasons of space. After all, you can't play all of them at the same time anyway. I have to say with humility that I am happy to be able to do such a great job that gives me a lot of pleasure.


A sticker of RockWall Guitars on a Rickenbacker 360v64

Why the name RockWall Guitars?
I really racked my brains over the name for a long time. Now there was this stone wall wallpaper stuck in my living room , in front of which also hung some guitars. So I started photographing the guitars in front of this stone wall wallpaper and came up with the idea of combining the company name with this stone wall wallpaper. BrickWall, Wall Brick, Another Brick in the Wall... Rockwall. That seemed to be the magic word, which is also reflected in the guitar photographs.
Since I liked the name so much, my lawyer registered the brand name for me at the Trademark and Patent Office and we were able to get started with the name "RockWall Guitars".


Does the topic of guitars and investments also play a role for your customers?
Yes, the topic of guitars as an investment has increased immensely in importance since the financial crisis of 2008 at the latest, the steadily increasing performance of premium instruments in recent years speaks for itself. The virus crisis since spring 2020 has further fueled this performance in the market as I have never experienced before. The trend is simply that more and more people want to convert their money into tangible assets, such as precious metals, classic cars, but also into high-quality guitars. A high-quality guitar will certainly always have a certain value and last but not least, it is also fun to play on it.


Per Gessle signed by Roxette a Rickenbacker 360

What's the craziest story you've experienced with RockWall Guitars so far?
I can think of quite a few, but one is really nice:
A few years ago, a manager from Gibson in the Netherlands, Werner, came to me to sell one of his Rickenbacker instruments. We talked and he asked me what my absolute dream guitar was that I would like to own. For me at that time it was clearly a Rickenbacker 360 in white with golden pickguards, like Per Gessle from Roxette used in the Joyride video, but was only built once for Per Gessle.

Now Werner knew the son of the then Rickenbacker president, Ben Hall, who also worked at Rickenbacker. Werner asked how the white 360 with golden pickguards was created, but unfortunately no one in the factory remembered the guitar.
About a year after these events , I got a picture from Werner of 25 360 models built in my dream finish. Rickenbacker had actually built this guitar for the first time after Per Gessle model. Originally, these were supposed to be delivered to Germany, but unfortunately for me, they went to Japan. The crux of the matter with Japan is that the Rickenbacker dealers based there are not allowed to deliver to Europe. After endless requests, I finally found a possibility and almost 2 months later it was there: The Rickenbacker 360 in the color Snowglo with golden pickguard. What a dream come true.

Years later, by the way, I had contact with Björn from Stockholm, who runs a music shop there. He had arranged the Rickenbacker deal for Roxette at the end of the 80s. A total of 4 different one-offs, OneOff's, were built for Roxette. Björn is also responsible for this great Roxette poster that hangs in my office today and which I have been looking for for 30 years.

By the way, one of the 25 Rickenbacker 360 Snowglo guitars was later signed by Per Gessle . [Here are photographs]
I'm still in contact with Werner today, I think it's great that we've never lost sight of each other since then.


Is there anything else you would like to tell our readers?
A big thank you goes to my wife, my parents and friends who have always supported me when it came to RockWall Guitars, but especially to Per Gessle, without whom this guitar shop would certainly not exist in the end.

~ As of June 2021 ~