Purchase, trade-in, commission

    Purchase and trade-in:
Of course we also buy guitars and basses or take them in part exchange.

Of particular interest here are Rickenbacker, Gretsch, Fender, Gibson, Duesenberg, PRS, MusicMan and Taylor.
Unfortunately, we do not usually buy amps and low-priced guitars.

If you would like to sell or trade in a guitar or bass please send RockWall Guitars an e-mail with your asking price. Please understand that as a dealer I cannot pay list prices but the usual dealer buy-in prices.

With a commission sale, RockWall Guitars takes care of the sale of your instrument for you. We produce professional pictures and texts, take care of the sales process and the subsequent shipping. We also take care of the subsequent warranty for the buyer.

We also publish your equipment on our Facebook page, our own website and on many other trading platforms.

Thanks to the trust we have in our customers, we can sell the instrument at a significantly higher price than you would have been able to pay as a private individual. In return, we receive an appropriate commission, which is only due when your instrument is sold. The amount of the commission generally depends on the value of your instrument, i.e. the higher the value of your instrument, the lower the percentage you pay for it.

For commission transactions, we do not accept instruments with a value of less than EUR 1500.