Rickenbacker 365 Capri Autumnglo 1959 [Not for sale]

RockWall Collection! Not for sale!

Not for sale!

"Rickenbacker 365 Capri" in the color Autumnglo year 1959 incl. Rickenbacker Silvercase.

The instrument shown here is on offer!

Special feature:
This model was first built by Rickenbacker in 1958. Only 90 Rickenbacker 365 Capris were built in 1959.

This model was restored and refinished by Rickenbacker at the Rickenbacker factory in 1991, as attested by a letter from Rickenbacker dated September 17, 1991.

The electronics and all add-on parts were replaced by Rickenbacker in 1991, so this is all hardware from 1991, except for the jackplate with the serial number.

The restoration was commissioned by TopTop Music in Sweden, who were also responsible for the Rickenbacker deal between Rickenbacker and Roxette/Per Gessle.

This instrument is a great player with an excellent string action that brings the charm of 1959 and 1991 with it and, incidentally, a delivers fantastic sound.

The condition:
The instrument is used.

There are slight signs of use on the instrument, clearly visible in the photos. There are slight scratches in the varnish on the back.

The TrussRod works perfectly.

All the electronics are untouched and original, just as the guitar left the factory in 1991.

Weight: A picture of the instrument on the scale can be found on our website.

The frets show no signs of wear.

The original Rickenbacker Silvercase, which dates from the first half of the 1991s, is included and shows slight signs of use.

The accessories as shown are also included in the scope of delivery.

The guitar comes with a certificate from RockWall Guitars as well as the Rickenbacker heavyweight label from 1991.

The instrument is delivered freshly strung.

Differential taxation according to § 25a USTG.