Tips if you want to send an instrument to us

If you want to send us an instrument for purchase/trade-in, here are some tips on packing:

  • Relax the strings of the instrument slightly, but not so loosely that the bridge can come loose.
  • Make sure that the guitar cannot move in the case, especially at the headstock. If it does, pad the gaps firmly, e.g. with paper.
  • Please do not send any keys or other metal objects loose in the suitcase, as this can cause ugly scratches or even chips in the paintwork. If necessary, put them in a bag and tape them up, then nothing can happen.
  • The guitar/case must not be able to move loosely back and forth in the box. Pad the wooden spaces between the box and case firmly, e.g. with paper.
  • In particular, pad the corners of the cases in the box well with paper or similar.
  • Large boxes are often available from bicycle or TV retailers. If all else fails, we will also be happy to send you a box including packaging material.
  • If the parcel is posted with DHL, make sure that the parcel is no longer than 1.20 meters. If the parcel is over 1.20m long, it is considered to be spear freight and will be significantly more expensive.
  • With DHL, a parcel is usually insured up to EUR 500. However, additional insurance for EUR 2500 or even EUR 25,000 can be added for a few euros.