Rickenbacker 366-12 Convertible Mapleglo 1967 [Not for sale]

RockWall Collection! Nicht zu verkaufen!

Not for sale!

„Rickenbacker 366-12“ in the colour Mapleglo year of manufacture 1967 incl. Rickenbacker case.

Special feature:
The Rickenbacker 366-12 has a unique, patented comb with which the octave strings can be pressed down.
In this way, the guitar can be played with both 6 and 12 strings without changing the strings.

The inner construction of the body is slightly different from the normal 360: For stabilisation, the Rickenbacker factory glued an additional wooden block inside the body between the bridge pickup and the sound hole.

The model also has a stereo output, 12x original Kluson „Double-Line“ tuners, „Toaster“ pickups and the Checkerboard binding.

The Rickenbacker 366-12 model was only built in comparatively small numbers.

The wood of this specimen comes in an exceptionally striking grain.

To the condition:
The instrument is used.

There are only slight signs of use on the entire instrument. There is a small scratch here and there.

The neck was broken, but was professionally glued so that no problems are to be expected here.
The comb was replaced by a replacement from Winfield Vintage, as the old one had been lost.

The original TrussRods work perfectly.

All electronics are untouched and original, just as the guitar left the factory.

Weight: A picture of the instrument on the scale can be found on our website.

The original frets show minimal signs of play.

An original Rickenbacker case from the 80s is present and shows slight signs of use.

Furthermore, the accessories are present as shown.

The guitar comes with a certificate from RockWall Guitars.