Rickenbacker 330s Tobacco Glo 2012 [Not for sale]

RockWall Collection! Nicht zu verkaufen!

Not for sale!

„Rickenbacker 330s“ in the colour Tobacco Glo year of manufacture 2012 incl. original case.

Special feature:
In 2012, at Tom Petty’s request, two instruments were built with the „Petty F-Hole“. The Petty F-Hole is slightly different from a normal Rickenbacker F-Hole, the lower shaft is slightly offset.

Rickenbacker built a total of 30 of these bodies with the „Petty-F-Hole“: 2 pieces for Tom Petty, each of which was to be a one-off. Another 15 became the „Rickenbacker 330s Tobacco Glo“ which was only available in the USA. Another 10 pieces were made into the „Rickenbacker 1997 Rose Morris Pearl White“, which was only available in the UK.

The body has the so-called X-bracing, which gives the guitar more sustain and volume.

The pickups of this guitar come with a quite low kOhm number, the sound of this guitar is clearly different from a „normal“ Rickenbacker.

The pickguards of the guitar were painted by Rickenbacker in the colour Jetglo.

To the condition:
The instrument is used.

There are only minimal signs of use on the entire instrument.

The original TrussRods work perfectly.

All electronics are untouched and original, just as the guitar left the factory.

Weight: A picture of the instrument on the scale can be found on our website.

The frets show minimal signs of play.

The original case is included and shows slight signs of use.

Furthermore, a key is included with the case and also the original Rickenbacker instruction manual and an original Rickenbacker care cloth.

The guitar comes with a certificate from RockWall Guitars.