Rickenbacker 360c63 Fireglo 2014

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"Rickenbacker 360c63" in the color Fireglo year of construction 2014 incl. original case.

The instrument shown here is on offer!

Special feature:
This is a limited edition made especially for the Guitar Center in the USA in a quantity of 60 pieces.

In contrast to Rickenbacker's V series, the C series, including this Rickenbacker 360-12c63, is much closer to the 60s original:

The construction of the body is particularly striking: this guitar has so-called "X-bracing" on the inside. Modern Rickenbacker instruments have a "sustain block".

Due to the x-bracing, the guitar, played unamplified, is significantly louder than the instruments with sustain block.

The screws used and the bridge are also modeled on the 60s original.

The pickups are Rickenbacker toasters that were installed at the factory. There is a shortpole Anilco toaster in the neck position and a longpole Anilco toaster in the bridge position.

The condition:
The instrument is used.

There are only minimal signs of use on the entire instrument.

The original TrussRods work perfectly.

All the electronics are untouched and original, just as the guitar left the factory.

Weight: A picture of the instrument on the scale can be found on our website.

The frets show minimal signs of wear.

The case is included in the scope of delivery and shows slight signs of wear.

A key is also included with the case, as well as the original Rickenbacker instruction manual and an original Rickenbacker care cloth.

The accessories as shown are also included in the scope of delivery.

The guitar comes with a certificate from RockWall Guitars.

The instrument is delivered freshly strung.

Differential taxation according to § 25a USTG.